Avatree joins Better Homes & Gardens and the one and only Fairy Sparkle to create a magical garden for sick kids.

The Avatree team has been proud to work with Fairy Sparkle, OAM, for a number of years now, helping to transform tired hospital spaces and gardens into magical and inspiring places of wonder; allowing sick kids a chance to play and enjoy time away from their beds while undergoing treatment in hospital.

Recently, Avatree joined Fairy, Better Homes & Gardens and Brookfield Multiplex in the Paediatric Ward at the new $144 million Clinical Services Building of the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney.

Under the creative direction of Fairy, an 85 m2 atrium was transformed into a fairy garden. The Avatree team were excited to take part in the makeover, installing one of our most captivating trees – the 4.5 m Green Maple Tree with cool white LED lights.

The 4.5 m LED light tree fills the atrium perfectly with its lifelike green leaves and twinkling LED lights, creating a lush canopy of colour over the entire garden.

The makeover was filmed by Channel 7’s popular ‘Better Homes and Garden’ program.